Schools often rely on fundraisers to bridge budget gas and help pay for athletic equipment, field trips and various other supplies. Even though rates of childhood obesity have tripled in recent years, those fundraisers all too often rely on the sale of calorie-dense, low-nutrient junk food. At APS, we want to promote non-food and health-food fundraising. APS recommends that schools eliminate fundraisers that sell unhealthy food options altogether. According to the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest, experience shows that these options can raise as much, or even more money than junk-food sales, creating an opportunity to promote health and wellness at fundraisers while raising money for your school. 

Healthier options supported by the APS Wellness Policy, the District Wellness team and the Center for Science in the Public Interest:

  • Physical Activity Fundraisers. Walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, 5Ks, 10Ks, fun runs, bowl-a-thons
  • Book Fairs. The publishing company Scholastic sponsors more than 100,000 book fairs per year, which promote literacy as well as raise funds
  • Scrip and grocery store fundraisers.  Scrip is a gift card for use at local retail stores, which schools purchase at a discount. Many grocery chains have programs that disburse a percentage of shopper's purchases to a school they designate (
  • Recycling Fundraisers. Used cell phones, empty print cartridges, and even re-usable clothing call all be collected by schools in exchange for cash. Millions of printer cartridges are thrown away each year, yet schools can earn between $0.6 and $2.20 per cartridge, depending on the model
  • Healthy food sales. Fruit, bottled water, spices or granola bars can be sold instead of junk foods
  • Other non-food ideas.  Car washes, garage sales, concerts; be creative!
  • Non-food ideas. Coffee and team candles, magazines, used books, flowers and bulbs
  • Brax Spirit Cups. Many schools have had success using BRAX fundraisers. These cups have a 3-D animation of professional football, hockey and baseball sports teams, as well as over 100 top colleges. An organization can make a profit of 4-% per item sold (sets of 4). Cups are ordered pre-sale so there are no up-front costs to any organization. Schools report that they products sells itself, and the ease and profitability are extremely high (
  • Fire Up Your Feet fundraisers
  • ABC Fundraising