Wellness in Schools

A Collaborative Approach to Learning and Health

from the Centers for Disease Control

Establishing healthy behaviors during childhood is easier and more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood. Schools play a critical role in promoting the health and safety of young people and helping them establish lifelong healthy behavior patterns. Research shows a link between the health outcomes of young people and their academic success. To have the most positive impact on the health outcomes of young people, government agencies, community organizations, schools, and other community members must work together through a collaborative and comprehensive approach.

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model expands on the eight elements of the CDC's coordinated school health (CSH) approach and is combined with the whole child framework of the ASCD. The CDC and ASCD developed this expanded model- in collaboration with key leaders from the fields of health, public health, education, and school health - to strengthen a unified and collaborative approach designed to improve learning and health in our nation's schools.

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The Whole Child Approach diagram

Latest School Wellness News & Resources

Health, Wellness, and Academics: A Leadville School and Community Success Story

See how addressing health and wellness improved more than just the health of students !

2018-19 Comprehensive Health and Wellness Pilot Schools

This year we are offering 40 APS Schools to participate in a Comprehensive Health and Wellness Grant pilot. Twenty of these schools have been identified and participated in the 2017-2018 school year. There is capacity to add an additional 20 schools. This grant will provide professional development to a staff member at each school to help lead an effective School Wellness Team. The Health Champion will earn a small stipend, and the Wellness Team will also earn a $1000 incentive for creating and completing a School Health Improvement Plan.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Rachel Phillips at 303-365-7813 ext. 28532 or by email rmphillips@aurorak12.org.

Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source banner

This year the APS District Wellness Team has a goal for all APS Elementary, Middle School and K-8 Schools to complete the Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source Survey. This survey can help assess a school's programs and policies by showing how that school compares to other Colorado schools addressing best practices.

The goals of the survey are to streamline previous multiple school health tools and reduce the burden on schools, to improve the quality of school-level health policy and practice data, and to increase the number of schools assessing their health policies and practices.

This tool can help schools identify areas of need related to health, and make the case for resources such as funding and community partnerships. Please contact Erica Riedlin to find out more, or to access your school's specific online survey.

Smart Snacks in School banner

The new USDA Smart Snacks Final Rule went into effect July 1, 2017. This new rule limits what can be served and sold during the school day. This includes classroom parties, rewards and school fundraisers. Our District Wellness Policy has been updated to meet these new standards. Please review the document below to ensure compliance with this new federal rule.


To find out if a food product meets the new nutrition guidelines, use this calculator!